About us

Gina is a famous blogger who works as an assistant manager at the Petit Four Cakery. By day, she manages the bakery and by night, she has another job running her cooking blog where she shares her own recipes.

Her food blog Affordablemom.com has become incredibly popular because of its beautiful presentation that shows off every scrumptious recipe.

Gina’s passion for baking began when she was very young girl after seeing her mother create delicate desserts for their family dinners. She would watch diligently as her mother baked each dessert until Gina decided that she wanted to learn how to bake herself so that one day she could make something just as mesmerizing as what her mother had made before.

After watching YouTube tutorials on cake decorating and recipe tutorials, she started uploading her own videos so that everyone could see how it was done. It took her a long time to perfect her techniques and skills because she didn’t have anyone to help her out along the way. There were many nights where Gina would stay up until three o’clock in the morning baking and decorating just so she could create the best looking desserts for those who came by the bakery.

Her recipes are easy enough for those who don’t know much about cooking but they look complex enough to impress those watching. They even want to know how Jacqueline was able to make such bubbly batter come together as perfectly as it did when they watched her place it inside of an oven. The customers at Petit Four Cakery come in especially for Gina’s desserts and they leave the bakery raving about all of the food. If she was able to make such delicious baked goods, then what could her actual recipes taste like? Would it be worth it to ask Jacqueline if she could teach one of them how to create their own masterpieces?