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19 Best Fast Food Restaurants in America

19 Best Fast Food Restaurants in America

The McDonalds effect on America

Perhaps no other fast food restaurant has influenced American society more significantly than McDonald’s. The Golden Arches have become a symbol for globalization, while the unparalleled size of its sandwiches and french fries has become part of our national identity. However, in recent years critics are beginning to uncover some unsavory truths behind McDonald’s impact on society. Author Eric Schlosser released his book “Fast Food Nation” which exposed some disturbing facts about how an increasing number of Americans eat their meals at fast food restaurants instead of home cooked ones. This recent trend is partially due to the convenience factor brought forth by chains like McDonald’s, but also because of the dramatic increase in American obesity levels. A documentary called “Super Size Me” was released by Morgan Spurlock who documented his attempt to eat only McDonald’s food for 30 consecutive days. The results of this experiment were shocking, with Mr. Spurlock gaining 25 pounds and also experiencing mood swings & health problems normally seen in obese individuals. These recent revelations have led many to question whether or not America would be better off if fast food chains failed to exist altogether.

But did they?

It is certainly valid to see how these documentaries might make anyone want to stay away from all fast food restaurants, but it is perhaps unfair to assume that adding additional taxes will solve this problem . Research has shown that the biggest reason people go out for takeout is due to convenience & time restrictions, not because they enjoy fast food more. This suggests that the answer to obesity might be found elsewhere like in better school lunches or additional physical education programs . With 4 percent of all American adults working as farmers, it is unlikely that the demand for mass produce will ever disappear completely either. Instead of calling for a ban on certain establishments, perhaps it would be better if Americans took a closer look at why these issues exist to begin with before resorting to extreme measures.

Fast Food Restaurants are more of a necessity than they are places to dine. People have busy lives that allow for little time to cook, so one must find the next best thing that will satiate their hunger between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. The same goes for people who want to eat but just don’t feel like cooking themselves; fast food restaurants offer warmth, convenience, and satisfaction all in the form of deep fried happiness.

The Best Fast Food Restaurants in US:

This list will not only look at price versus quality (cheap yet delicious), but also at atmosphere (which ones actually make you feel comfortable enough to sit down). So without any further ado here are 10 American Fast Food Restaurants that can tingle your taste buds:

1) In and Out – Beside being a west coast favorite, In and Out is legitimately one of the best fast food restaurants to eat at. It’s greasy and delicious in all the right ways; full of flavor that isn’t covered by excess salts or sugars.

2) Chipotle – This Mexican Grill is heaven in your mouth. The flavors are savory, meaty, with just enough spice to not be overbearing on your taste buds. Having said that it’s still remarkably fresh tasting with high quality ingredients making this better than most traditional fast food places..

3) Five Guys – They serve burgers simple with only five toppings (cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, ketchup, A-1 Sauce), but they do it so well. It’s not flashy or complicated, but they know what tastes good on a burger and it’s not some concoction that only the best chefs could formulate.

4) Arby s – The downfall of most fast food restaurants is their fries. They’re either soggy, bland, too soft, etc. Arby’s has perfected this art to make some delicious tasting spuds worthy of being eaten on its own! Add to that some seasoning salt and you have one of the best fast food places at getting French Fries right…

5) Wendy s – Not as good as In And Out for burgers, but arguably better than McDonalds for Chicken Nuggets (and also where I got my first job). Although they’ve been loosing a bit of their edge in recent years, Wendy’s still makes a great tasting chicken nugget that isn’t too dry or over breaded.

6) McDonalds – You can’t have a best of list without including the biggest fast food corporation in the world. They’ve done some things right and some wrong, but it’s tough to argue with Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets!

7) Taco Bell – Another quick Mexican joint that serves up tasty burritos and taco combos for cheap.. What’s not to like?

8) Shake Shack – Thinly sliced beef burgers piled high on top of each other with fresh jalapenos, cheese, lettuce, etc fits the bill here perfectly. The only downside is that the majority of Shake Shack locations are only in NYC.

9) Whataburger – In my opinion, this is the best fast food burger joint in America ! The A1 Thick and Hearty Burger is a deliciously juicy meat pile topped with A-1 Sauce and grilled onions! Also they have a decent selection of what i like to call “soft drinks”… aka they don’t come in a can… they come in a cup…

10) Chick fil a – Just kidding… I hate Chick fil A… They’re anti-gay rights which makes them feel super entitled to not serve anyone who doesn’t share their views. Stay away from this place. It’s run by bigots who think their shit doesn’t smell and that they’re better than everyone else. I’m the last person to worry about people’s sexuality, but when you can’t get a simple sandwich without being judged by some random dipshit behind the counter, it’s time to rethink your business model..

11) Carl s Jr. – Carl’s Jr. is owned by the same company as Hardee’s (CKE Restaurants) so you could very well see them on this list twice.. But I’m just lumping them together under Carl’s Jr because that’s what they’re known for! Their burgers are fresh, the french fries taste good, and their commercials are sexy/provocative without being too dirty or obscene.

12) Taco Bueno – If you haven’t eaten at a Taco Bueno then you should make it your mission to get out there to do so ASAP! They’ve got some of the best Mexican food in America ! Freshly made tortillas filled with juicy meats and all sorts of flavorful ingredients like cilantro & onions.

13) White Castle – I was born in the midwest, so White Castle is basically food for me… Their mini burger patties are delicious and cheap! Plus they’ve got some good tasting fries too.

14) Checkers – This place isn’t very flashy or high-class, but damn do they know how to make a tasty burger! You can tell that these guys take their beef seriously with just enough seasoning to pop out the flavor of the meat. If you’re ever craving a cheeseburger on the go… this is your best bet!

15) Checkers/Rally’s – Same story as above only these guys serve “Regional Mexican” dishes like burritos, quesadillas, tacos etc.. One of my favorite dishes is their burrito bowl which comes with both brown rice and red beans.

16) In & Out Burger – The lines of cars that stretch for miles on end whenever you drive by an In & Out Burger will make you want to get the hell off the road and go inside just to see what all the fuss is about… Not sure why people always complain about their food being bland when it literally tastes like a hamburger made in heaven! It really is a damn good burger.

17) A&W – If you grew up in a family where going out to eat meant going to a fast food joint, then chances are your folks took you to A&W from time-totime. Their root beer floats have always been a treat! Plus the cheeseburgers aren’t half bad either.

18) Bojangles – They’ve got some of the best biscuits in the south as well as a good selection of fried chicken sandwiches, but I love their Cajun Filet Biscuit! It’s just enough spicy to have you craving more even after your finished with it! Their fries are also fresh and tasty… Much better than most fast food joints.

19) Krystal – If anyone has ever told you that a hot-messy chili cheese slaw dog is not delicious… burn them alive and eat their heart out because they’re full of shit! This place can be pretty pricey for what you get though.

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